His nickname "Partycrusher" says it all..

Flava has always been on the top in the Dutch DJ game, he really knows ‘’how to run this’’ It is about how you do it, with the desired result and leaving behind an outstanding impression. To get people attached and building up a fan base can be described as art. This together can only be accomplished if you have your own sound and style which stands out from the rest.

It can also be described as a ‘signature walk’ IT’S ALL ABOUT HOW TO RUN BIG, and that’s exactly what Flava does everywhere he goes. He plays at parties all over the country as well as parties abroad and he has his own radio show called CROSSOVER RADIO on Juize.FM. Every part of the dancefloor is shattered each time he plays his unique sound. All the girls automatically come to the dancefloor to practice their dance moves, and the guys automatically follow to enjoy their favorite tunes.

If you want to party on the best eclectic set ever first the club has to be turned upside down, which is exactly what Flava does!